Belt grinders description

While creating the Sarts grinder we thought of a master who needs a practical and reliable machine, which can complete all required sanding operation. Sarts belt grinder has the perfect balance between practicality, power, and size. Sarts belt grinders serves well in a regular metal shop or in the hands of a specialized blades smith.

Open design

Belt grinders geometry is designed in a way that there is maximum room around the belt. This gives an advantage when sanding complex parts. Upper roller can be used to sand radiuses. Also the belts unsupported area can be used for slack grinding.

Platen is made from wear resistant steel and surface ground to give a precise and durable contact point.

NB! Watch out! Many competitors’ machines are designed in a way that the platens backside interrupts the sanding of complicated parts.


Belt grinders come with 750W-1100W single and three phase induction motors.

Single phase machines are well suited for home or hobby use. They use regular 220V plug which everybody has in their shop. Single phase motor is sufficient for most sharpening, sanding, and chamfering operations.

Three phase motors have higher torque and are more durable. They are well suited for production or for somebody who needs quick material removal.

Rotating small wheel holder

Models which are equipped with rotating small wheel holder can change between 20, 30, 40 diameter rollers. Small wheels are good for sanding radiuses to tubes, making fullers to blades and other radiuses. Small wheels give an advantage accessing hard to reach internal corners.

Adjustable speed


We are using world renowned Mitsubishi drives. What makes Mitsubishi drives special is their astonishing reliability and efficient vector control. Vector control gives the machine greater torque at lower revolutions. Adjustable range 2-80hz. All control characteristics can be changed straight from the panel.

Adjusting the speed while grinding helps to keep heat in control. Perfect for sharpening. Also, higher speed is good for quick material removal.

Drive works with regular 220V plug and converts it to three phase 400V. Drive has internal EMC filter so that operation would not affect other machines in the grid.

Wide range of belts

50x1220mm and 50×1500 belts can be supplied starting from very coarse K24 all the way up to very  fine K2000. We are supplying Klingspor, 3M Trizact, 3M Cubitron, VSM ceramic belts.

Quality components made in Estonia

Frame is powder coated, which gives extra durable paint layer. Steel parts are zinc coated to protect against corrosion.

All parts are made in Estonia using latest CNC technology and Computer aided manufacturing process.

Built to last

Machine can serve under high load trouble free in the dirtiest production halls. In contrary to competitors, rollers are made from steel to give the machine an even longer life span.

All machines come with two-year guarantee. All plausible problems will be fixed.

Safety first!

All rollers are covered, to avoid wedging of body parts. Rollers outer perimeter is shielded to avoid sparks flying to operators’ direction.

Automatic stopping of motor under overload or when problems with power supply.

Electrical enclosure conforms to IEC 61508, SIL 1 safety standard.

Machine conforms to European regulation and carries CE marking.

Technical specification

Mass: 29-35kg

Power: 750W-1100W, single and three phase

Current consumption: 2,4-6,5A (depending on model)

Outside dimensions (length, width, height mm): 435, 350, 420

Belt speed: 15m/s

Cord length: 2,5m